Tahltanworks (Firstworks)

A secure online workforce development system for First Nation members and employers in Northern BC

Tahltan Central Council

Mining, Energy, Gas 

About the project

In 2013 Crocodile Creative was contacted by the Castlemain Group to research, plan, design and develop a concept for a secure online database application of First Nation members and employment opportunities (resource employers) in northern BC. Crocodile created “” a prototype system built for the Tahltan Band Council and the Iskut Band Council.

Presentation tools were created for the prototype concept to be presented to the councils, government and industry in order to obtain development funding. Funding was achieved quickly and our team successfully completed full development in early 2014. Before launching the program the project was rebranded to Tahltanworks at the request of the respective councils. Minor work was done to expand and improve the project in 2015, and Tahltanworks is now self-administrated by the Tahltan Band Council.