We inform and influence people through carefully crafted experiences

branding, marketing, strategy, design & content

The elevator pitch

We don’t believe in ‘assembly-line’ marketing. Every client brings a different set of parameters, new audiences and a fresh set of ideas. We value research and informed decision making, and strive to deliver clear and effective creative supported by realistic objectives, project planning and honest client communication.

Plain and simple, our solutions provide value, and our work is both accomplished and sensible. We deliver high quality creative built on a foundation of solid real-world experience, and enhanced by a passionate and reliable team.

Who we are

We are a boutique design agency headquartered in Fort Langley, BC. Founded in 2004, Crocodile Creative partners with individuals, businesses and organizations from a wide variety of industries and sectors across British Columbia.

Our leadership

Our co-founders Tawnya and Steven Wood have worked together in creative partnership for over 20 years, on projects of every scope; from small business branding to industry wide campaigns.

Brand & Marketing Specialist, Writer, Creative Thinker
Tawnya has many titles (including co-founder and client manager). She believes in telling engaging stories that go beyond the surface. Straight to the point, her structured yet creative process results in compelling experiences that are sustainable and have long-term ROI. Emersive research & market study, list making, detail & organization, clear view of the big picture, and mastery with narrative are all tools of her trade. Tawnya gets to know your business as if it were her own, a business of one or an organization of a thousand – she becomes an integral part of your team.

Creative Director, Designer, Photographer
Steven wears allot of hats (both figuratively and literally). A product of a life-long obsession with image making and the commercial arts – he is an adept visual communicator and expert in his field. Steven has lead the design, development and implementation of multiple major multi-stakeholder workforce campaigns with businesses including; Fortune 500 companies and major industry business groups – government, immigrant, educational, First Nations and other organizations. Steven is also an expert in small business and restaurant branding and marketing development.